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When a child is taken from a home and placed into a foster home, the case worker arrives with their belongings in a garbage bag.   Each time a child is moved, their belongings are most likely placed in a garbage bag.  The HFCC Travel Bags are intended for children 17 and UNDER. The Travel Bags include: Hygiene kit, blanket, stuffed animal and other various items.  
**REQUIREMENTS: Child(ren) must be 17 AND UNDER. Requester and you must be able to provide the name, gender and age of the child(ren). The child(ren) must also be currently in foster care.
Agencies cannot request more than 3 at one time. Bags are designed for kids entering foster care and/or assisting with placement transition. If you would like more than the donated amount, pease inquire about purchasing the HFCC Travel Bag at our cost at info@thehomesforchildren.org.


The project, which receives dough-nations from Panera Bread, aims to engage foster families and families in need in the community.  The quality, wholesale prepared food donated from local restaurants and bakeries is a welcomed addition to our services in the total effort to eliminate childhood hunger the in the United States.  The food is deeply appreciated by the food programs committed to serving those who experience hunger  Our Donor Partners understand that, when prepared food is involved, a small amount at a time can rapidly build up to make a big difference.

If you are interested in receiving “dough”nations through our Fostering Food program, please contact us via email at fosteringfood@thehomesforchildren.org.


Our Fostering Wishes Program grant simple wishes to deserving children and families in need. Wishes typically range in value from $5 – $400, making wish granting simple and affordable. Show a foster child or a child in need the hope and love they deserve…from bikes to lessons to laptops and more!

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