When your child registers for one of the programs at the Homes for Children, your family becomes a part of ours.  Even though many families are in great distress when they join us, research supports our view of families as the ultimate model of love, belonging and healing.  By embracing you and your child with the warmth and care of an extended family, the Homes for Children can help you rediscover and tap your family’s power to heal.


Kimberly has been in foster care for over two years with her sibling. She enjoys baby dolls that she dresses, hugs and simply loves them. She wants to take care of a baby when she grow up and is looking forward to babysitting. She excels in English.


Kim has been in foster care for over three years with her siblings. Kim would like to attend summer camp this year because has never attended camp before. She is not sure what to expect but she states that she wants to meet new friends and have fun. Kimberly is very excited about summer camp and hopes to meet new friends and have a super duper time.


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