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Service on the HFCC Board involves being part of a dedicated, qualified team of highly-qualified industry professionals elected to critically shape and guide the direction of the foster care and at-risk youth industry.

Our most successful Board members comprise a complementing mix of diverse individuals with assorted work, life, social and educational backgrounds. Such diversity brings together a variety of viewpoints in order make more well- rounded decisions that reflect HFCC’s entire membership and the industry as a whole. We invite you to look over the below core components, skills and traits that make up a successful HFCC Board member.

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Here's What HFCC is Looking For

Experience & Expertise

HFCC is looking for individuals with a college degree or equivalent vocational experience

  • Demonstrate continued professional development including higher education or on-the-job training

  • A highly developed targeted skill set, including finance, technology, grant-writing, strategic insight, international business, government affairs, branding/marketing, digital innovation and operations

While not always a requirement, a highly developed targeted skill set, such as finance, technology, grant writing, etc., is a valuable asset and will be considered during the Candidate Selection Process.

Proven Leadership Ability

Candidates are expected to demonstrate leadership abilities. HFCC looks for individuals with strong communication and interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, natural team-building abilities, diplomacy and consensus-building aptitudes. To this end, Board candidates are expected to make a willing commitment from the beginning to potentially serve as Board Chair.

Vision & Strategy

HFCC is a dynamic and forward-thinking nonprofit organization. Our value-based Strategic Plan is engineered to purposely move us from Point A to Point B, and beyond. As such, we are looking for strong strategic thinkers interested in being part of crafting the future of an entire industry.

Personal Character

In the broad scope of Board service, HFCC also considers solid personal and professional reputations to maintain and advance core values such as integrity, ethics, empathy, diligence, creativity and objectiveness. Our most successful Board members generally have a thorough understanding of the industry and clearly demonstrate a genuine interest in and enthusiasm for the goals of our Association and industry.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A HFCC Board Member?

Yes, HFCC Board service is a serious personal and professional commitment—but it’s an extremely rewarding one, too.

If you have the expertise, leadership, drive and vision it takes to lead our industry, we would love to learn more about you.