Our mentoring programs inspire and empower adolescent girls living in high risk inner city neighborhoods to become positive young women of change in their own lives and int heir communities. 

There are three programs for children to participate in:


Registration dates: APRIl 1st - June 1st

It’s almost time to celebrate summer with Summer Reading Programs at The Homes for Children Corporation! Registration for the Summer Reading Program is from April 1st to June 1st. Pre-registration is required. This year’s Summer Enrichment/Reading Camps will run in three sessions, and all ages are invited to sign up and join in the fun.  Each three-week session is $250. Limited scholarships available. Experts say children read more when they listen to or discuss books. Children who join the summer program keep their minds in the learning mode and enter school in the fall ready to learn.
The theme for the Children’s and Teen Summer Reading Programs is “DREAM BIG- READ!” Kids ages 4 to 12 years earn cool rewards just for reading and completing fun activities! Moreover, Summer Enrichment/Reading helps children maintain or improve their reading skills while they are on break from school and provides them with fun events to attend all summer long! Kids who read 10 hours over the summer and complete 5 literacy activities will earn rewards, such as books, crafts, a t-shirt or a book bag!
  • Session 1: June 10 – June 28
  • Session 2: July 1 – July19
  • Session 3: July 22 – August 9


Youth Connect is an eleven-week program developed to provide a relevant life skills program for young women ages 11-17.  The program examines the most effective way of engaging, empowering, mentoring and inspiring adolescent girls to identify themselves as valuable, powerful and beautiful young women.  The program aims to address these issues by providing young women with an opportunity to develop their knowledge, resilience and self-worth.

Youth Connect helps young people to be healthy, caring and responsible.  It is believed that the more assets a young person gains, the more likely they are to have success at school and the less likely they are to engage in high-risk behaviors.  

This program indicates that positive growth is fostered in young people when they experience a feeling of connectedness to others and to society.  They feel a sense of control and competency and they have a stable identity.

Central to the program’s frame of reference is the strengths-based philosophy.  This approach acknowledges that each person has strengths to uncover and develop.  If young people are engaged in meaningful relationships and meaningful activities, they will develop their strengths and increase their ability to respond well to present and future life challenges.  Using strengths approach, The Youth Connect program aims to facilitate healthy discussions and experiential learning.  It provides support, guidance and boundaries for healthy development and mental health.

The classes are held on Saturdays in three-hour sessions, one day a week for eleven weeks. The groups are led by instructors who have extensive experience working with youth and their families. 

Registration is required prior to the class. 

For more information and to register, call 682-233-GIRL (4475)


Refining Youth is an after-school mentoring program that is designed to provide support to young women ages 11-17 that are in or out of school, promote and develop self-worth, a positive identity and sense of purpose and empowerment.  We also help connect youth with the appropriate services and programs to increase academic achievement.  Refining Youth is inspiring adolescent girls to identify themselves as valuable, powerful young women.  

Refining Youth promotes the developmental assets that help young people to be healthy, caring and responsible. We provide services to youth in at-risk situations and their families. The purpose of the program is to reduce family conflict and to prevent the problems of runaway, truancy and delinquent behaviors by: helping youths and their families resolve crises that threaten their capacity to live together; helping youths and their families develop skills to cope with problems and stresses in their homes; helping parents resume and maintain their parental responsibility; and providing short term placement for youths whose immediate return home is not advisable.

Using a strengths approach, the program aims to facilitate healthy discussions and experiential learning. The topics covered in our sessions include, but not limited to, communication, relationships, sexual goal planning, help-seeking and self-esteem, conflict resolution and anger management.

Talk that Improves Without Nagging

  • Help kids express emotions through dialoguing
  • Giving effective feedback


Express Emotions Constructively
  • Getting Love, Giving Love
  • Help a child wrestle worries and fears
  • How to say thank you
  • Make an apology pot


Coping with Anger and Stress

  • BrainSTORM
  • Help kids cool down when they’re stressed
  • Don’t become a human volcano


Lessen Power Struggle & Improve Decision-Making
  • No losers with win-win
  • More choice – less struggle; more choices – fewer power struggles
  • Answers at hand



For more information and to register, call 682-233-GIRL (4475)

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