• Help Victims of Abuse and Neglect:The Homes for Children volunteers help us achieve our mission which is to provide hope and healing to troubled tours who are at-risk, abused and neglected so they can become independent, productive adults.
  • Build Your Skills:Volunteering a The Homes for Children is an incredible opportunity to build or develop your skill set. Our volunteers and staff come from diverse backgrounds and are eager to share their specialized knowledge and experience.
  • Network with Non-Profit Professionals:Volunteering at The Homes for Children provides access to many other committed volunteers, offering ample opportunities to establish professional connections. The Homes for Children also has close partnerships with other agencies. Many of our program are co-located with our criminal justice, medical and other social service partners.

Due to the critical needs of our clients and the complexity of our services, The Homes for Children typically requires a consistent and longer term commitment from its volunteers. Volunteers become part of the bedrock of our organization, playing a critical role in our programs and administration.


Your donation will not only make a real life difference in the lives of the young people as they are helped to realize their full potential but your generosity will enable us to provide hope and healing for children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect or other tragic circumstances. And allow these children to become the best person they were meant tone. You can help make that difference. Thank you for your commitment to our cause.


Will you be a sustaining supporter of our programs? Your monthly gift will provide the constant support our children need. For example, a $5- monthly gift is less than $2 per day, and will feed a foster sibling group for an entire month! Simply choose an amount to give per month and your gift will automatically be deducted from your credit or debit card. Your monthly gift will go directly towards supporting the children who utilize services through our Fostering Hope Initiative.

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