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Fostering Change Initiative provides support for youth to engage in meaningful, age-appropriate developmental opportunities that encourage confidence and leadership development outside the classroom that foster independence, encourage creativity and provide new perspectives including: Enrichment and extracurricular activities, summer learning opportunities and weekend retreats.


An important first step in our application process is completing the Student Interest Form. If you have any questions about the program or need assistance with the Student Interest Form, please email our Student Support Center at

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Fostering Success

Fostering Success was developed to focus on improved educational outcomes for children and youth who are particularly vulnerable group of students and often have extraordinary needs due to their life circumstances. Fostering Success will empower students by helping them set clear goals, lay a sound academic foundation, and explore career pathways while still in high school. Students are provided with coaching and support and support aimed at uncovering aptitudes and interests. Students will be able to enroll in and complete post-secondary certifications, credentials and degrees they need to launch a promising career.

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Fostering Success Incentive Program

The Fostering Success Incentive Program  allows teachers to choose the level of engagement they prefer within the incentive program, with the flexibility to earn rewards based on their participation. Teachers can select the tier that aligns with their desired level of involvement and potential rewards, making the program both engaging and rewarding.

Level 1

Starter Tier

Incentives per Month: Up to 3

  • Cost: $25/month

  • Ideal for: Small classrooms looking to introduce a rewards system without a significant initial investment. Perfect for recognizing student's milestones or small-scale achievements.


  • Request up to 3 incentives per month

  • Incentive request can range from $5-25.

Level 2

Basic Tier

Incentives per Month: Up to 7

  • Cost: $50/month

  • Ideal for: Growing teams or classrooms aiming to foster a culture of recognition for a variety of achievements, from attendance to project completion.


  • Request up to 7 incentives per month

  • Incentive request can range from $5-$40

Level 3

Premier Tier

Incentives per Month: Up to 10

  • Cost: $99/month

  • Ideal for: Larger classrooms or teachers with multiple classes wishing to maintain a continuous flow of recognition for diverse accomplishments across multiple classes.


  • Request up to 10 incentives per month

  • Incentive request can range from $10-$50

Level 4

Unlimited Tier

Incentives per Month: Unlimited

  • Cost: $199/month

  • Ideal for: Schools with extensive recognition needs across numerous departments, clubs, or classes. Offers the freedom to reward freely without constraints, encouraging a widespread culture of achievement.


  • Request unlimited incentives per month

  • Incentive request can range from $10-$100