When your child registers for one of the programs at the Homes for Children, your family becomes a part of ours.  Even though many families are in great distress when they join us, research supports our view of families as the ultimate model of love, belonging and healing.  By embracing you and your child with the warmth and care of an extended family, the Homes for Children can help you rediscover and tap your family’s power to heal. 

At the Homes for Children, we provide hope and healing to troubled youth who are at-risk, abused, neglected so they can become independent, productive adults.  We play a significant role in helping children heal while helping them reach their full potential.


The Homes for Children Corporation (HFCC) is a nonprofit organization that provides hope and healing to youth, frequently in custody of the state as they move from dependent, often abusive, neglected relationships into independent, self-sufficient lifestyles.  

As 1 out of every 207 children in North Texas is a foster child, the need for assistance is ever increasing. After being removed from their homes due to abuse and/or neglect, foster children often have to start their lives over in a new place at a young age. 

The Homes for Children steps in to help make their new life in foster care a productive, nurturing experience, and to ensure that their needs are met.  The Homes for Children fulfills the specific needs of North Texas foster children when no one else can or will so they are able to have as normal a childhood as possible.


The mission of The Homes for Children is to provide hope and healing to troubled youth who are at-risk, abused and neglected so they can become independent, productive adults.


Our vision is to be home of refuge and hope for youth who are struggling to find their place in society, and it assist with the development of skills and abilities of out youth so they become gifted women who positively contribute to the community. 

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